Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fresh Start for the Blog World!

Good Afternoon,

           We have decided to see how on top of blogging we can be this time, so we are taking a fresh start! If anyone read our blog last time it was shortly after we had finished our Ultrasound with our first child Owen. He is now 14 months old, with that you can see how long it has been since we have written anything new.

            I guess we will start out by introducing ourselves and sharing a little bit about us. We are the Beckmans, Christopher is my name I have a lovely wife Rosanne and two OUTSTANDING kids Owen and Morgan. Owen is 14 months and Morgan just turned 4 months, that is correct we waste no time at all in this family.

            We currently live with my parents and are in the process of becoming debt free and are currently looking for a house or duplex something with a yard. Believe you me it is tough going from a two bedroom apartment to all of us living in one room. I figure that better while our kids are young to try and pay off debts than waiting til they get older, besides everyone needs a cool story to tell their grandchildren. Mine growing up was that; My brother, sister, myself and my parents all moved from Coeur D' Alene, Idaho to Orem, Utah with all of our possessions stuffed into a 70 or so VW Bug. That was exciting luckily I don't remember much of it. Ok now I am rambling so I will move on.

            I (christopher) currently work for Pepsi, I love it I work by myself for the most part, pretty much everyday I aquire overtime and starting out my wage was higher than  it was working nine years for Regal Entertainment Group. I am so blessed to take care of my family. I enjoy movies more than anything else in this world. It is tough to explain it is just an extreme passion of mine. I also enjoy watching football. GO FALCONS!!! Growing up I used to play basketball all the time with my brother, I mean what else are you going to do in Utah growing up ;). But now its come to the point that I haven't played in about 3 or 4 years. But I stay in shape through my job ( I have lost at least 50 pounds since starting at Pepsi).
           Now a little bit about Rosanne. What a wonderful Mother and Wife. I love her so much!! She is working full-time and an import/export company downtown. She is an Account Manager for some pretty big accounts such as Fred Meyer and Infocus projectors. To this day she has been explaining her job to me for over three years and I still don't totally understand it. She enjoys watching chic flicks, shopping most especially buying shoes and being a mother most of all. She is a strong support to our family.

           Owen and Morgan are wonderful spirits in our family. Owen is trying so hard to walk you can tell that he gets so frustrated at himself. But for the time being he enjoys crawling. He is like Speedy Gonzales. He is having a tough time with a stomach virus right now. I feel so bad for him, he just doesn't understand what is going on, Rosanne and I actually started crying yesterday because we felt so bad, but we are just plugging away with fluids and trying to get him to eat. We will keep you updated.
           Morgan is almost as tall as her brother and she is growing like a weed. She is so active and in the process of crawling not quite there yet but she is fighting for it. And gosh darn it she gets cuter every single day.
          Well more to come later.... promise!
The Beckmans         


Maude said...

Awesome! Welcome back to the blogosphere! Love you guys!

Joseph said...

This is your brother, Joseph. Just wondering is the fresh start starting in 2011 or did I miss it? lol
Just thought I would give you a bad time and post a comment on your blog. Love ya,